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Our Process

At Faber Wealth Management, we value partnership. We keep things relaxed and comfortable as we move through the stages of the planning process.

The first meeting will be informal, a conversational exploration of your life, values, and goals. From there we’ll gather the details needed to create a customized plan built around your needs and goals. Whether you are nearing or already retired, just beginning a professional career, or right in the peak earning years with family responsibilities, we are ready to support you, by creating a unique solution for every situation.

Our methods blend the sophistication of cutting-edge financial tools with the warmth of personal attention. Our analysis is supported by the latest financial tools and the body of resources available to us through LPL Financial. This enables us to develop plans and strategies tailored to your needs. We’re here to help you navigate decisions regarding your 401(k) or retirement plan; structure savings plans for young families; and customize your investment selection to match your values with your financial goals, including investments that meet the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria.

When it’s time to talk about recommendations and their implementation, we like to meet face-to- face so we can make sure your questions are answered. The personal touch matters to us. Every step of the way, we’re approachable and available—just a phone call away any time you have a question.

Your financial well-being is at the center of our process. As time goes on, we continue to monitor progress and meet with you at consistent intervals. We build relationships that last; clients who initially sought our assistance as guides and counselors and ultimately see us as deeply trusted friends.